Tue 26 Mar – Evening Samadhi Bhajans

The final touches on the Samadhi monument were made. A beautiful marble base, inlaid with a flower design in the colors of a peacock feather was installed. And the permanent portrait photo should be ready for tomorrow, From 4-7 pm it was time for the expert kirtaneers to sing their hearts out to full content, till the sun set. Giriraja also joined the party again and was graced by a lovely parikrama. All in preparation for the big day…

Wed 27 Mar – The inauguration of the Samadhi monument

Even before the sun showed it first rays the festival preparations were in full swing. The samadhi and samadhi area were decorated creatively with flowers garlands on all samadhi’s, with special flower decorations in front of each samadhi entrance. In the middle of the whole samadhi area was a beautiful decorated river of flowers starting from the entrance all the way to the new samadhi from Kadamba Kanana Swami,

The photo portrait, photo by Gour mohan, was installed and the interior of the samadhi was filled with flower garlands.

The tech team also had an early start to roll out many cables, the camera’s and of course the sound system. This time a huge screen has be added to enhance the experience and to show the events happening in the Samadhi area.

At 10 am the program started with bhajans and continued with the official start of the inauguration ceremony at 11 am. The senior vaisnava’s gathered and were invited to address the growing group of friends, disciples and other visitors. The pandal was packed. S.B. Keshav maharaja introduced us to the festival and invited the main speakers to say a few words on Kadamba Kanana Swami.

At 12:00 Sadbhuja started the “Je anilo Prema dhana” prayers in honor of Kadamba Kanana Swami and his departure that happened a year ago at 12:06 pm. Afterwards the glorifications continued until the actual inauguration of the Samadhi monument commenced. First the abhiseka was performed on a golden coloured impression of the feet of Kadamba Kanana Swami, followed by puspanjali and aratik. Everyone had ample opportunity to view and engage in the worship and inauguration of the samadhi area. Some danced, some brought a small offering and others meditated.

After a full day of worship the lunch crew was ready to serve the thousands of visitors, who each got treated to a specially prepared feast with a gift box of sweets at the end. And to top if off, the bhajans continued throughout the evening…

10am – Bhajans & Kirtan
10.10am – Welcome
10.15am – Kirtan continues
11am – Glorification by senior vaisnavas & disciples
12.05pm – Je anilo Prema dhana
12.15pm – Glorification continues
1pm – Inauguration puja & bhoga offering
1.45pm – Puspanjali & Aratik
2pm – Feast (Krishna Balaram Hall, Goshala)

Photos by Citralekha, Mantrini, Uddhava