Our Projects

Promoting the legacy of Kadamba Kanana Swami and through that supporting African preaching is our ultimate ‘project’

Current and Future projects

Reprint – Forever Present – English

Reprint of the Forever Present book that was first printed in March 2023.
Estimated expenses: € 1500

New book – History of ISKCON NY (working title)

A detailed look into the history of ISKCON in Brooklyn, New York.
Estimated costs: € 1500-3000 (based on 500 copies) *

* No details on the book dimensions, pages and color are known yet. The estimate could be higher.

New Book – Giriraja in Vrindavan

A full-color photo book with photos and quotes in A5 landscape with approx 140 pages
Estimated expenses: € 3500

Reprint – Wonderful Krishna – Russian

Small reprint of 300 copies of the Russian translation of Wonderful Krishna.
Estimated expenses: € 500

New Book – Guru and disciple – Dutch

New translation of the Guru & Disicple in the dutch language with 300 copies
Estimated expenses: € 1500

New Music Album – Morning Program

The final recordings by Kadama Kanana Swami. This project is still in the early stages so the estimation of costs could be too low.
Estimated expenses: € 5000 (re-recording, mixing, mastering and production plus distribution)

African preaching – WUSA

Annual financial support for the WUSA project in Soweto, South Africa. View the WUSA project page for more info.
Annual expenses: € 6000

Mobile App development

Developement of a mobile app (iOS and Android) for the distributing of (free) media, books and music.
Estimated Annual expenses: € 5000

Media Archive Setup

Development of a future-proof way to store media in such a way it can be used as the main archive and serve as the basis for the media app, streaming and the publication of this media online.
Estimated expenses: € 7500

Digitising old media formats

Converting media that has been stored on older formats, like cassette’s, mini disc and others to digital form.
Estimated expenses: € 500

Completed projects

Auctions for Kadamba Kanana Swami’s devices

Date: 1-12 mar 2024
As stated in the will of Kadamba Kanana Swami his devices were auctioned and the proceeds will go to African preaching projects, like WUSA. See our financial report for more information.

New book – Guru & Disciple – Telegu

Translation of the Guru & disciple book in the Telegu language. Produced and published in India in Jan 2024.

New Book – Wonderful Krsna – Ukranian

Translation of the Wonderful Krsna book into the Ukranian language. Produced and published in the Ukraine in May 2023 and 300 copies were printed.

New Book – Forever Present – Czech

Translation of the final book of Kadamba Kanana Swami in the czech language. Produced and published in Czech republic in May 2023.
Cost: € 1500

Forever Present ebook – 15 mar 2023
Forever Present book – 1200 copies, 11 Mar 2023, India