Tirobhava & samadhi Inauguration Festival

27 March – 3 Apr 2024




The unveiling of the Samadhi monument and festival

We invite you to attend the inauguration of the samadhi monument & 1st disappearance festival in Vrindavan for HH Kadamba Kanana Swami. Find the schedule details, registration form and frequently questions and answers below. 


Festival Schedule

  • 27th Mar – Disappearance day anniversary and Samadhi memorial inauguration from 10am to 3pm (confirmed)
  • 28th – Registrations, break, evening kirtana @samadhi area
  • 29th – Parikrama
  • 30th – Sanga and memories program
  • 31st – Parikrama
  • 1st Apr – Sanga and memories program
  • 2nd – Parikrama
  • 3rd – Sanga and memories program.Festival ends

Location: Vaisnava samadhi area in the ISKCON Vrindavana Goshala

Special guests


Samadhi Festival Event Registration

Kindly fill out the registration form below if you are attending.

A few practical notes

* Only register when you are attending the festival so we can plan accordingly *

* Registration for parikrama’s is done separately in Vrindavan (fees apply) *

* Breakfast is included on parikrama days *

* We cannot arrange accommodation *


Join the KKS Vrindavan Updates WhatsApp group for all local announcements:

Register here

Supporting the Samadhi Festival

We depend on your donations to be able to make this festival happen. Therefore we kindly request you to donate towards the Samadhi festival expenses.

Attending the festival?

You can donate in person, preferably in cash, to the festival management. They accept all major currencies like EUR, USD, AUD, GBP and ZAR. 

Not attending but still like to contribute?

Visit our donation page for all the information. 

Your financial contribution will be used to cover the festival expenses, prasadam, rentals and other costs.

See the FAQ for the complete festival budget overview


When will the samadhi memorial be unveiled?

Wednesday, 27 March at the Vaisnava samadhi area in the ISKCON Vrindavana Goshala. The disappearance day program is planned from 10am to 3pm 

What is the festival program and venue?

Check the Festival Program section above for the latest changes…

The festival consists of the 1-year disappearance day anniversary on Wednesday, 27 March followed by a week of sanga and activities until Wednesday, 3 April. The program will be held in various locations in and around Vrindavana including the Vaisnava samadhi area, ISKCON Rukmini Vihar and a few parikrama destinations

Who are the special guests in attendance?

HH Jayadvaita Swami Maharaja and HH S.B. Keshava Swami Maharaja. Other senior devotees who are present in Vrindavana at the time will also be in attendance.

Festival pricing

The Samadhi memorial event is free of charge, incl. prasadam.

We are covering the expenses from donations. Consider donating!

We ask a fee for each day you attend. Once you register (the day before) you will be asked to pay the fee. More info about the registration and fee will be annouced during the festival.

The fee will include the cost for the parikrama buses, venue hire, lunch prasada and equipment hire. The estimated fee for each event is about Rs 600.

Please note
Breakfast has been kindly sponsored during the Parikrama days. 

On other days you have to make your own breakfast arragement.


What is the budget for the festival?

Here is a summarised overview of the Samadhi festival. Please note that changes can be made to the amounts.

Samadhi monument: € 11070 ($12000, £ 9500)
Decorations: € 275 ($300)
Pandal rental: € 550 ($600)
Prasada feast: € 7200 ($7825)
Sweet boxes: € 2770 ($3000)
Daksina for senior devotees: € 445 ($480)

For a total of € 22310 ($24205, £ 19,150)

How can I donate towards the festival. What will my donation be used for?

If you attend the festival you can donate, in cash, towards the festival expenses. We accept Euro, Dollars, Australian Dollars, English Pounds and South African Rand.

If you are not able to attend but like to contribute, please visit our donation information page.

Your donation will be used to cover the festival expenses for the 27 March.

Who do I contact for accommodation?

Please note that we cannot help you with, nor arrange, your accommodation. We suggest your contact the ISKCON Welcome Center for your accommodation and taxi services.

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am – 01:00 pm & 05:00 pm – 08:00 pm

Contact Information: wc.vrindavan@gmail.com
Tel: +91 7895200703



What are the prasadam arrangements?

Wednesday, 27 March is an open, public program and all guests will be served lunch prasada at 3pm. Lunch prasada will be provided for registered attendees from Thursday, 28 March to Wednesday, 3 April.

On Parikrama days the breakfast is included (Kindly sponsered by a group of devotees! Also like to sponsor?)
You have to make your own breakfast arrangements for other days!

Where can i find more information?

Join the “KKS Vrindavan updates” WhatsApp group for local festival announcement:


We publish all news and updates to this website and also on Instagram, Facebook and the “KKS Disciples and friends” Whatsapp group.

The festival organisation does not offer an email address for additional questions. If you have registered you will be contacted when required.


An Eternal Impression

Original by Rupa Kisore dasa (see below), rewritten by Uddhava, edited by Surabhi kunja. At one of Kadamba Kanana Swami's meetings with devotees, someone mentioned his footprints and if he would be comfortable making an impression of them, to which Maharaja exclaimed:...