Monday 25 Mar – Gaura purnima & Holi festival

6 Million visitors in Vrindavan according to official sources. Each with multiple bags of colored powder which means Vrindavan was covered in a thick layer of pink dust. That was the aftermath of the Holi festival. But while that was taking place we gathered at the Samadhi area for the Kirtan Tributes festival planned that day. Organised by Padmanabha, and coordinated by the festival team, this day would be our way of honoring Kadamba Kanana Swami by a multitude of excellent singers and musicians.

The preparations started the day before with the setup of the pandal (tent). And at the day of the event Pavana gopa and Padmanabha took it to the next level. The sounds was tuned, streaming was tested to make sure everyone could join from anywhere. Harinamananda kicked off at 10 am with his rendition of melodies inspired by Kadamba Kanana Swami and Janananda maharaja took over gracefully with his enlivening tunes. This was followed up by singer like Citralekha, Prema mani, Sanatani and others who made sure the crowd was dancing soon.

And the kirtans continued into the afternoon with a graceful attendance by B.B. Govinda swami and Akinchana prabhu. And the evening was topped of by Brhat Mrdanga, Harivenu, Acuta gopi, Sadhubja and others.

From dawn till dusk we sang, we danced, we honored.