I would like to introduce you to the Kadamba Foundation. H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami founded this trust to ensure that his legacy will be preserved for the future. The foundation will shelter all his media like books, music, CD’s and videos and will also be responsible for the publication, promotion and distribution of his media. Furthermore, according to maharaja’s wish, it will support African preaching projects (in South Africa).

The Kadamba Foundation is headed by Sanatan Goswami (AU), Gopali (SK) and Uddhava (NL). The trustees will give shape to the goals of the foundation and it was the request of maharaja that you give them your support and work together with them, to fulfil his desires. The foundation welcomes all devotees to help with his mission. He also specifically stated that he does not want his books, music or any media to be published independently, but under the guidance of the foundation

Your servant
S.B. Keshav Swami 

Maharaja created a special video where he introduces this foundation. Please watch it on the Youtube channel of the foundation or below.