My desire is that my electronic devices are auctioned off and the proceeds must go towards the African preaching mission. Those funds will be directed by Vibhu Caitanya.

Kadamba Kanana Swami

Kadamba Kanana Swami’s desire was that his devices, like his laptop, phone, etc would be auctioned and the proceeds would go to the African preaching mission.

There will be 2 auctions each with different items. For each auction a private WhatsApp group is available. Join the auction with the invitation link. The auctions will be handled by Uddhava & Visakha and overseen by Rupa Sanatana.

Auction items

The list of items is available here:

Auction Rules

Make sure you read and understand the auction rules


When you win a bid you will be required to pay for the item(s) plus any shipping and insurance costs. If you are not sure do not place a bid!

Payments details, including the shipping method and costs, will be communicated with the winning bidder(s).


Contact Uddhava or Visakha on WhatsApp for more information