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Newsletter - 13-May-2024 - nr. 20

May '24 Collection - Vintage Media

Written by Saci Indira, audio by Jagannath Vallabha 28 July 1995 History of ISKCON Amsterdam The temple opened in 1970. Srila Prabhupada visited and had a tour in 1972. The temple in Amsterdam was flourishing in 1974. It was the leading institution in book distribution and the most international temple in ISKCON. Many devotees joined Krsna consciousness in Amsterdam. Listen …

An Eternal Impression

An Eternal Impression
Original by Rupa Kisore dasa (see below), rewritten by Uddhava, edited by Surabhi kunja. At one of Kadamba Kanana Swami's meetings with devotees, someone mentioned his footprints and if he would be comfortable making an impression of them, to which Maharaja exclaimed: "Ooh yes, Rupa Kisore can take care of that!" The funny thing was that I was not present …
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